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Aug 30,  · Valentine's Day banquets are always memorable occasions because they usually include funny antics, games and activities for couples to enjoy. If you're planning one for the Christian adult crowd, the ideas here will supply the guests with . Aug 30,  · Worksheets Engine: Printable Christian Games for Adults you may like. 1 Church Valentine's Party Games 2 Christian Party Games for Christmas 3 Goodbye Party Game Ideas 4 Clean Adult Party Game Ideas 5 Birthday Games for Older Folks 6 Italian Dinner Party Games.

Jul 14,  · Whether you're single looking for a partner or part of a long-term couple, taking part in Valentine's party games at church is a fun way to celebrate the day of love. The Great Valentine Candy Pass If Questions: Valentine Version. Valentine Events. Not-so Newlywed Game Script 5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet 10 Things I’ve Learned about Sweetheart Banquets 10 Sweetheart Banquet Ideas. Misc. Valentine Ideas. Printable Valentine Verses. May God bless the planning of your Valentine event! You may.

Jan 28,  · Christian Party Game Ideas for Church Kiss and Chase is a popular game some kids play on Valentine’s Day. However, at a Christian Valentine party, this game would be inappropriate. Try some Christian games like “Grab the Hearts.”Author: Mimi Patrick. Another great Valentine's party game for everyone to play is a version of telephone tree. Come up with a special Valentine's Day message to give someone across the room and then tell the person next to you. Kids and adults will love the hilarious results of this fun game. Outdoor Valentine's Day Games.

Jan 16,  · Love Birds. Tape small hearts to a table or a large piece of poster board prior to the game then put a bucket of rubber duckies at the end of the table.. Players have to race to slide Valentine’s Day rubber duckies from the end of the table (or poster board) to try to get them to land on the taped on hearts. As long as the rubber ducky is touching the heart, it counts. Sep 08,  · Valentine's party games for adults at church From pink hearts to red flowers, Valentine's Day is a commemoration of love and partnership. Having a Valentine's party at church does not mean the party is dull, for there are a variety of wholesome and enjoyable Valentine's games that can be played. Sharon PalmoreHolidays & Events.