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The constructivist teaching method has been used in special education settings for some time. It is quite effective for those students who have special needs like sensory processing disorder or those on the Autistic spectrum. Some of these students have brilliant minds, but simply can’t be reached through traditional methods. Role of the Social Constructivist Theory, Andragogy, and Computer-Mediated Instruction (CMI) in Adult ESL Learning and Teaching Environments: How Students Transform Into Self-Directed Learners Through Mobile Technologies: /ch The purpose of this chapter is to explore whether social constructivism promotes mobile technology rich, student-centered .

Constructivism is a theory in education that recognizes learners construct new understandings and knowledge, integrating with what they already know. This includes knowledge gained prior to entering school. It is associated with various philosophical positions, particularly in epistemology as well as ontology, politics, and ethics. The origin of the theory is also linked to Jean Piaget's. A constructivist approach to education is widely accepted by most researchers, though not by all. Carl Bereiter argues that constructivism in schools is usually reduced to project based learning, and John Anderson, Lynn Reder, and Herbert Simon claim that constructivism advocates very inefficient learning and assessment procedures.

students who learned through social-constructivist approach to education and took a standardized test secured higher grades than their counterparts who were instructed traditionally in the classroom. The students’ participation in such projects en-hanced their academic performance as well. Constructivism involves students and they participate ac-. Constructivism is ‘an approach to learning that holds that people actively construct or make their own knowledge and that reality is determined by the experiences of the learner’ .

May 30,  · The constructivism learning theory is based on the idea that students actually create their own learning based on their previous experience. Students take what they are being taught and add it to their previous knowledge and experiences, creating a unique reality that is just for them. Discover the theories behind adult learning and how. Mar 06,  · While Doolittle () suggests that at least half of these recommendations are readily accomplished through online education, the last three are the most difficult to achieve. He contends that one of the most difficult constructivist precepts to address in online education is providing for the learner’s pre-existing knowledge.