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A disability is an impairment of functioning. Functional impairments may be physical (affect the body) or cognitive (affect mental functioning). A developmental disability is a disability that may affect physical, cognitive, learning, language, or behavioral development (CDC, c). Adults with developmental disabilities have been told their whole lives, directly and indirectly, that the way they think, look, act, and exist is wrong. This can lead to decreased performance, depression, and other negative outcomes–just as it would .

Jul 22,  · 16 Crafts for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Individuality and a sense of community are both key in life. This is very important to us here at Stephen’s Place, and we try to support our residents, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, by providing arts, crafts, and a wide range of other activities. Adult Developmental Disabilities – Oaks Integrated Care Oaks believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We provide a full continuum of individualized services for adults living with a developmental disability.

Our services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) focus on personal choice while recognizing the specialized, and often complex, needs of the individuals we serve. Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. These conditions begin during the developmental period, may impact day-to-day functioning, and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime. 1.

Jan 13,  · Social Security Benefits for Adult Children With Severe Disabilities If your adult child is disabled and can't do any significant amount work, he or she may be able to collect Social Security child benefits or SSI disability benefits. By Melissa Linebaugh, Contributing Author. May 15,  · Developmental disabilities are attributable to a cognitive impairment, physical impairment, or both. They manifest during the developmental period from birth to early adulthood, and are likely to Cited by: 3.