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So this is my attempt to bring the two worlds together, starting with the story of how Prince Adam of Eternos and his childhood friends Teela, Bow and Glimmer are called upon to find the hidden Sword of Power and a new He-Man to save Eternia from the demonic Skeletor and the evil forces of Snake Mountain. assed.xyz is not in any way associated with or related to assed.xyz assed.xyz (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to assed.xyz or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the assed.xyz by its members.

As soon as they got to the party she started teasing him.. everything from wearing a low-cut shirt and a tiny skirt to rubbing him under the table and when they got in the car head home she had just held his hand and smirked as he kept having to adjust himself. Find the hottest he-man stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about he-man on Wattpad.

"For a thousand, I'd be rutting her every night," he man grunted, unlocking her hands, he shoved her slightly. The man beside her caught her up easily against his side. "In that case, you'd have to be paying her," Ky snapped back, glaring at the guard who just could not seem to keep his mouth shut, until Ky turned slightly, showing off the. He-Man Tales. PITSIDE: An Interview with Hordak Alpha. This month, He-Man Tales chats up MOTU e-comic creator, Hordak Alpha! Through the bad to the worse -- through critical firestorm and scandal -- Hor has been in our corner, in spite of being one of the busiest fan fiction .

The fanfic starts after the end of the series. With the opening in space-time, the powerful Sorceress finally managed to locate Adora, the lost princess of Ethernia. Disclaimer: I do not own He-Man, Masters of the Universe, She-Ra, nor have any holdings in Mattel, Filmation, or MYP and I do not profit from creating He-Man fanfiction.I just write for fun. A/N: Yeah, that was fast. Well I did hint that it would be soon! I hope you enjoy this sequel to Amazing assed.xyz take a moment to give back to the author by leaving a review.