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Males: Adult weight will range between 60 and 70 pounds (27 to 32 kg). Their height, measured at the shoulder will range between 22 to 25 inches ( cm) Females: Adult females will range between . Adult Boxer dogs that are healthy and active need appropriately 40 calories per pound of body weight to maintain. For example, if your Boxer should be 50 pounds ( kilograms), his/her needed calories .

Jul 11,  · My husband and I would just like to know how old is your male boxer and how much did he weight around 8 months old. JulieM Boxer Insane. May 9, #2 I haven't kept charts on my puppies but I know my month old is nowhere near 58 lbs. - he was probably around lbs. at 8 months. However, Boxers . The Weight of Boxer adult female varies from 25 to 29 kg. The Weight of Boxer adult male varies from 27 to 32 kg.

Oct 14,  · In general, boxers stop growing in weight and height between 18 and 24 months. On average, females reach 21 to 24 inches and 55 to 65 pounds, while males reach 22 to 25 inches and 60 to 70 pounds. . Boxer Dog Size | Breed Variances | Weight, Height, Structure.