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True wet nursing occurs when a baby is fed entirely by a woman other than his or her biological mother. When the baby is nursed at times by his or her biological mother and then by a wet nurse at other times, the practice is referred to as cross nursing. What’s a wet nurse today? It may not look quite the same. Sep 02,  · There. Is a legit reasons why adults would want to be breastfed. Actually there is both. there is fetish reasons and legit health reasons why men would want to be breast fed. the legitimate reasons for men wanting to be breastfed / wet nursed is because woman's milk contains a lot of enzymes minerals and high potassium levels. it is known to help men .

So, if you nurse at am then you must nurse again between the hours of am and am the next day. If you nurse twice a day that means 12 +/- hours. So, if you nurse at am then you must nurse again between the hours of pm and pm that night. You also must nurse 9 or 10 out of every 10 scheduled nursing sessions. Wet-nursing and milk sharing is natural, it has been happening between mothers and babies since the beginning of time and will continue to be apart of society. It is not just about the milk. It is about closeness, convenience, comfort, familiarity and nourishment through breastfeeding.

Aug 13,  · Breastfeeding or nursing with wet nurses in the eighteenth century was a common occurrence. That was because by medieval times the idea of breastfeeding was often regarded as too menial a task for royal women, and they began to use wet nurses.