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Dec 10,  · The Whooshh Passage Portal, a "salmon cannon" that vacuums fish upriver, was installed to try and help salmon cross the landslide site. Fisheries and Oceans Canada photo About 10, fish crossed with help from the DFO’s measures, while , salmon moved through the landslide area on their own between August and September of this year. Ecohydrology for Fish Passage International Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage Jun 11th, PM - PM Indirect Effects of Impoundment on Migrating Fish: Temperature Gradients in Fish Ladders Slow Dam Passage by Adult Chinook Salmon C. Caudill University of Wisconsin - Madison.

More information about adult fish passage and migration is provided in the Adult Salmon Passage recommendation and in the new technical recommendation Predation. Feb 11,  · "Their numbers have gone from regularly exceeding 50, adult salmon in the Nisqually to about 5, last year." A dam blocking salmon passage on the Nooksack River in .

The Jack Chinook adult passage counts are the sum of hatchery spring, hatchery summer, wild spring, and wild summer jack chinook as reported by WDFW and Chelan PUD. Steelhead Counts: The Steelhead parameter includes both hatchery and wild counts. Prior to wild steelhead data was not published on a daily basis. Feb 10,  · Analysis of data from the project indicates that the adult salmon return from the sea to spawn at up to 14 times the rate of fish raised and stocked using other hatchery techniques.

Mar 13,  · The team found that the technology—a combination of imaging and sensor technology and transport tubes—has the potential to successfully sort and transport migratory adult salmonids when partnered with a way for fish to enter on their own. The study also determined the fish passage rate could approach percent, once fish enter. If leaving the boat lock open improves salmon passage at the Salinity Control Gates, this information could be useful at other structures such as the Delta Cross Channel where radial gates are also used to control flows. References Department of Water Resources. Adult Chinook Salmon Passage Mitigation Report. Environmental Services Office.