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The portfolio of Shiley™ neonatal, pediatric and adult tracheostomy tubes builds on this brand heritage. This portfolio offers innovative cuffless and TaperGuard™ cuffed tracheostomy tubes with designs tailored to the needs of patients. An adult, two-piece tracheostomy tube holder that fits up to a inch neck with extremely comfortable twill that threads the tracheostomy tube flange. Free trial samples available upon request Click Here to Add a FREE Trial Sample to Your Cart.

McKesson Tracheostomy Tube Holders Adult - One Size Fits Most Quick, easy-to-use hook & loop fastener tabs. Comfortable neckband. Adjustable length for greater comfort. Flexible material for easier movement. Non-Sterile Single Patient Use Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex. Packaged: 1 Per Bag, 10 Bags Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case More Information. Tracheostomy Tube Adult Home Care Guide. The most common reasons for performing a tracheotomy are to bypass an upper airway obstruction or to provide long-term mechani-cal ventilator support. The doctor makes an opening (stoma) in the front of the neck into the windpipe (trachea). Then a curved plastic.

Tracheostomy has been increasing performed in the pediatric population. Although there are similarities between an adult and pediatric tracheostomy, there are key distinctions. Considerations include anatomy, the tracheostomy procedure, and tracheostomy tubes. Individually manufactured silicone tracheostomy tubes for adult, paediatrics and neonatal patients. As patients come in all ages, shapes and sizes, each with a unique set of needs, the soft silicone Bivona ® tracheostomy portfolio has a broad range of offerings.

19 rows · Disposable inner cannula tubes for safe and convenient tracheostomy care An . Tube Holders, Trach: Standard Tracheostomy Tube Holder, Adjustable, 2-Piece, Adult, 20 Per Box Soft, comfortable straps have adjustable hook-and-loop closures to keep tracheostomy tubes securely in place, ensuring uninterrupted airflow.