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Fairy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to granting wishes to adults facing life-threatening conditions. Learn more about why we chose adults for a wish granting efforts. Granting adult wishes since May 3, Stella’s Wish Foundation is a non-profit foundation which is funded through corporate sponsorships, individual donors, and fundraisers. Thanks to our growing list of supporters and donors, we are granting wishes of adults with life-threatening cancers across the United States.

Wish Granters is a non-profit organization located in Boise, Idaho. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of terminally ill adults and their primary caregivers by granting wishes and supporting projects in the local community, thereby providing opportunities for these adults and their loved ones to have positive life experiences. Dec 21,  · Each wish-granting foundation has applicant guidelines. Dream Foundation grants wishes for adults 18 and over with a life expectancy of one year or less. Typical types of wishes or dreams granted include dinner with a loved one, a vacation or something that improves a person's quality of life, such as a computer or TV.

The Association of Wish Granting Organizations, Inc. establishes standards for the wish granting efforts of wish granting organizations around the world. Conference in Orlando Another successful conference where we learned, shared, bonded and had a great time! Stay tuned for Conference Information! The Annual.