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Each administration of the laxative reminds the adult baby of the punishment to come and the fact that he will be made to soil. This may result in whining and begging-off on the part of the adult baby, which the Mummy may wish to address once the session, has begun. A soiled nappy on an adult gives off a distinct aroma. My most embarrassing diaper story happened when I was 11 years old. Actually I was not in diapers when it happened as I was having my diapers changed when I had an accident on the changing table - and it was not only a small peeing accident! It wa.

Make sure to always fill out your diaper before changing into a new one. Never change a diaper after the first accident adult diaper soaked diaper wet bum full diaper wet diaper poopy diaper. Yes I received diaper punishment several times while growing up. When I was put into diapers I was told I was acting like a baby. So I was put into cloth diapers and plastic panties. I was not allowed to cover them up with any kind of clothing. I.

Deeker's Diaper Page. INTRODUCTION. NOTE: This site contains material on diaper fetishism and infantilism. It is intended for people who enjoy wearing and using diapers, whether it be for sexual, emotional, or medical necessity, or any combination of these reasons. diaperpunishment abdl diaper diapers tbdl bedwetting wetting diapergirl pee punishment nappies regression diaperlover humilation baby poop diaperboy spanking messing adultbaby .

Mar 16,  · In general, there are two types of diaper punishment. This first is where adults who identify themselves as adult babies or diaper lovers (ABDL) wear or make their partners wear diapers for sexual purposes. The second type is when children who have outgrown diapers are made to wear them as punishment for wetting their bed etc. Padding view of a large Luvs vintage diaper from Very thick! ABDL Adult Baby. sonstige11 by Jabbels 26 3 LG AB Sissy by Nikki 45 6 Little Girl Adult Baby Sissy Outfit. ___n by charles edwards 19 1 gaby by Jabbels 28 2 gaby51 by Jabbels.