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Compulsory Care under the Dependent Adult Act. Alberta Hospital Edmonton. Alberta Hospital Ponoka. Claresholm Care Centre, Claresholm. Michener Centre, Red Deer. Rosehaven, Camrose. Dependent Adult Applications (Represented Adults) Lawyers.

23 (1) Nothing in this Act or in any order of the Court made under this Act prevents a dependent adult or any interested person on the dependent adult’s behalf from applying to the Court in the form . Chapter A 2 ADULT GUARDIANSHIP AND TRUSTEESHIP ACT 18 Authority and duties of co-decision-maker 19 Payment to co-decision-makers 20 Application to Court for opinion, advice or .

The Adult Guardianship and Trustee Act allows for the court to grant orders that allow an individual to take care of the affairs of a dependent adult. A person has to make a dependent adult application to the court. Thus a dependent adult is now referred to as a represented adult since they are represented by another person. feel free to use the two terms interchangeably. Types of Dependent Adult . Alberta Rules of Court Binder Dependent Adults Act Practice Note June, the Public Guardian and the Public Trustee) The Court desires consistency in both the content and format of the .

DEPENDENT ADULTS ACT CHAPTER D HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, enacts as follows: Definitions 1 In this Act, (a) "appeal panel" means an appeal panel established pursuant to section 59; (b) "certificate of incapacity" means a certificate of incapacity issued pursuant to section 50; (c) "Court" or "Surrogate Court" means The Surrogate Court of Alberta; (d) "dependent adult" . The DEPENDENT ADULTS ACT Chapter D32 must clearly indicate that the appointed guardian/trustee has a duty of care to the dependent adult. Section The guardian is to be responsible to provide or .