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Romeo's Costume in the Original Production of Romeo and Juliet How Colours were used Colours played a large role in depicting the status of the person wearing the costume, but it is believed Shakespeare also largely used colour during the play of Romeo and Juliet to show the. The styles of the costumes, then, would be reflective of the period known as the Italian Renaissance. As part of noble families, Romeo's and Juliet's apparel would also be distinguished, beautiful, and most likely elaborate. A Romeo costume might include knee breeches or fitted pants with a long-sleeve lace up or a ruffled poet assed.xyz: Amy Finley.

May 30,  · The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet is set on an empty stage and has few lighting or costume assed.xyz is, however, a prop-heavy show: rolling beds, a Cat-in-the-Hat-inspired machine, crackers, balloon swords, a bullhorn, gum, and much much more. In Romeo & Juliet, the costumes are instrumental visual cues that, in addition to the dancers’ pantomime acting, help to tell the story without words. Color is an important indicator throughout—the fiery Montagues are distinguished by wearing red, while rival Capulets are dressed in blue.

For Juliet costume I looked at what was worn throughout both the movie and the movie. Essay Example on Romeo And Juliet Costumes I also looked through what was worn In the Victorian era which Is hat Romeo and Juliet Is said to have taken place In. A director discusses the thinking behind his plans for a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' set in s Coventry. Consider how you would costume .

Extra period gown by Adrian from Romeo and Juliet. (MGM, ) Grey textured woven period gown, red velvet sleeves with gold dome sequins and feather design drapes on shoulders. Paper tag label “V” Fabric is soiled. Worn by an extra at the Capulet’s masquerade ball to the left of Leslie Howard when he dances with Norma Shearer pins. Romeo + Juliet Costumes. By Jennifer Rose Smith. Okay, so Camille and I are especially obsessed with Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet. We’re close enough in age to where it hit us both at just at the right time to be crazy in love with baby Leo.