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Oftentimes, cosmetic surgeons will offer complimentary laser treatments after surgery to rapidly reduce the appearance of bruises. Camouflage makeup can also do a lot to enhance your confidence. Mar 09,  · Skin discoloration from a facelift is normal. Most facial bruising is a yellowish-green color, resolves after two weeks and can be covered up by a little makeup. However, some patients experience excessive bruising that takes longer to assed.xyzon: E Crestline Cir #, Greenwood Village, , CO.

When the blood vessels are injured, they bleed into the surrounding tissue, causing the skin to turn the red, black, or purple tone that is known as bruising. To minimize bruising, plastic surgeons and patients should take measures to reduce bleeding, work the blood out of the affected area, and encourage healing of the blood vessels. Feb 18,  · After cosmetic surgery, filler treatments, or even Botox, many doctors recommend their patients take Arnica to prevent bruising. One study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal showed that nearly 50% of rhinoplasty surgeons will suggest homeopathic arnica after surgery.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about any concerns you have about bruising and healing. Can Makeup Help Cover My Bruises After a Facelift? One of the first things patients reach for when it’s time to cover something up is their makeup bags. If you’re hoping to cover post-surgical bruises from your facelift surgery, however, you’ll need. Bruising may also be present after cosmetic surgery as a result of the leakage or extravasation of blood from ruptured blood vessels into superficial tissues of the skin. During surgery, the damaged blood vessels will be sealed, but blood can accumulate in the surgical site and cause bruises that will be visible during the recovery period.