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piercing domination free stories - Mya Diamond and Dominic Ross have hot carnal sex by the pool

Over the years I have stretched the piercing to as large as 2 gauge. I wanted more piercings, but my wife didn t want me to get them, saying she didn t like the way they looked. To satisfy my needs, she finally relented in and gave me pretty much free rein on modifying her body. short stories Thursday, 4 August The tricked piercing As the temple was well know for piercing ceremony the temple priest suggested that the eldest to use the equipment from the nearby room used by the goldsmith. The eldest left with the priest to make things ready.

6 days ago I got two off-centre tongue piercings (venoms). They were healing well, and my speech was pretty much back to normal. Eating was relatively pain-free, albeit a bit awkward. Last night I was meeting my parents for dinner in a local restaurant. Now, I don't have many piercings. I had 13 last night: just my lobes, a daith, my navel and. Edit Story. ercing and Body Modification on my wife" "Piercing and Body Modification on my wife" I met my wife four years ago at work, we are both in the medical field. Loretta is 38, 6 foot tall, and has a masters degree in both Art, and Anthropology. Im 40, 6 foot 6 inches tall and have my B.S. degree in Engineering, and Emergency medicine.

Apr 14,  · I’ve also seen people do the most bizarre things like dick/clit/ball piercings, and even anus piercings. I’ve only done 2 anus piercings in the 6 years I’ve worked there. This guy comes in, and says he wants his asshole pierced. I wanted to laugh, but I put my professional face on, and told him prices, and answered his questions. Here's a list of the songs from the story: The Clincher - Chevelle. Face to the Floor - Chevelle. Get Some - Chevelle. Until You're Reformed - Chevelle. Comfortable Liar - Chevelle. Enjoy:) ~ The Piercing ~ "Oh, come on Rachel." Amy tugged hard on my arm, trying to get me to move. "Don't be such a-" "Don't say it." I held up my free hand.